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Arbitration agreement is one of the widely discussed laws of contract in law. Each and every country has specific rules and regulation which government had rules which govern the arbitration contract between the citizens and between the nation and other nations.  Kuwait is one of such countries and it has faces a lot of challenges what it comes to arbitration law and sharia law until the time when New York Convention was incorporated and ratified in the process of administering justice in the Kuwait. The enforcement of the awards specifically has brought challenges until the NYC provided the grounds under which the enforcement of the awards may be rejected. The main objective of this paper is to discuss whether Incapacity of Parties and Invalidity of Arbitration Agreement as sufficient Grounds for Refusing Recognition and Enforcement in Kuwait. The paper is divided into five sections with first section giving introduction and definition of what is arbitration, the second part discusses the finality of the awards, thirdly it discuses the finality of the awards, fourthly the paper discuses the rejection of enforcement due to invalidity and incapacity and lastly the paper discusses the position of NYC position on the sufficiency of invalidity and incapacity as enough proof for non-enforcement and recognition of arbitration agreement as a result of invalidity and incapacity be for concludes with conclusion.


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