• Iosif-Florin Moldovan Iosif-Florin Moldovan “Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad, Arad, Romania


AbstractAn institution of family law that is not currently found in the Family Code, engagementexisted in the Romanian law prior to the current regulations, representing the mutual promisebetween two people that they will marry one another.Regulated under the Article 266 of the new Civil Code, engagement has the sameregulatory framework, this time legal, representing the mutual promise to conclude amarriage.

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Iosif-Florin Moldovan Iosif-Florin Moldovan, “Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad, Arad, Romania
University Lecturer, Faculty of Legal Sciences


The Civil Code of Romania, 2011

The Family Code - repealed by the entry into force of the Civil Code.

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Engagement;Romanian law;pre-marriage;trial marriage;promissory agreement;promise of marriage