• Laura CETEAN-VOICULESCU University "1 Decembrie 1918" Alba Iulia, Romania. *Correspondence: Laura Cetean-Voiculescu, 15-17 Strada Unirii, Alba Iulia, Romania


Adoption is one of the main measures to protect the minor in difficulty, which represents the minor who does not even benefit from the protection of one of his parents. Adoption is a measure of the minors’ protection because it ensures a substitute family, being understood that the child develops best physically and mentally within a family. The adoption procedure in both its forms (administrative and judicial) is perfectible, having suffered many changes in recent years, the last change being made in 2016. Among other important changes, the new regulation emphasizes the importance of one of the principles of adoption - celerity, setting new deadlines to be respected in adoption procedures or reducing existing ones.


[1] For a detailed description of this procedure, see Cetean-Voiculescu L., Dreptul familiei – note de curs și manual de seminar, Editura Hamangiu, București, România, pp. 295-351, 2012.
[2]For more details on children’s rights, including rights to inheritance, see Tudorașcu M., Drăgoi A., Dreptul asupra moștenirii, Editura ProUniversitaria, București, pp. 38-59, 2016.
[3]According to Article 17 paragraph (1) Law no. 273/2004, as amended by Law no. 57/2016, “if the applicant actually lives at residence, the assessment is done by the direction under the jurisdiction of which is established the residence or by a private body authorized to carry out activities within the internal adoption procedure”.
[4] According to Law no. 227/2015 on the Fiscal Code, as amended and supplemented.
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