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The central element of this extraordinary appeal is the judicial error. The review involves finding a legal error in the criminal case settled by a final judgment, which was based on an erroneous assessment of the state of affairs. Exercising appeals does not create a new procedural report, but only extends the initial report in this new procedural phase. In our judicial system, the unanimous classification is that appeals are divided into two categories: ordinary ways and extraordinary ways. Thus, before the decision, the case under Article 453 (1) (a) could be invoked as a ground for review only in favor of the convicted person or of the one to whom the waiver of the punishment or deferment of the punishment or termination of the criminal proceedings, if the review is aimed at obtaining an acquittal. Therefore, this case of revision could not be used to the detriment of the person who was acquitted or who was ordered to terminate the criminal proceedings, with the aim of reaching a decision on conviction, renunciation of the punishment or postponement of the application punishment.

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