• Vaitsa Giannouli School of Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Despite the plethora of studies abroad, in Greece views on individuals with intellectual disabilities and older persons with mental health problems is not a well investigated topic. The results of the present study reveal that generally acts with financial-legal implications (mainly financial decision-making capacity) are of concern to the participants, as they consider this sort of capacity the main predictor for legal (in)capacity on the whole, especially when they consider elderly patients. Participants have doubts about the appropriateness of the current assessment methods followed by forensic psychiatrists and psychologists in Greece and hope for future improvements in the field of legal capacity assessment. In addition to that participants seem to welcome any form of provided information (live lectures from conferences, videos, interviews, discussion forums and texts) from experts with an emphasis on issues for elders. No significant differences were found in the expressed views based on gender or age, but subtle differences were found according to educational level. 


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