IoT Devices Signals Processing based on Multi-dimensional Shepard Local Approximation Operators in Riesz MV-algebras

  • Dan Noje University of Oradea Primus Technologies SRL
  • Radu Tarca University of Oradea
  • Ioan Dzitac Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad Agora University of Oradea
  • Nicolae Pop Institute of Solid Mechanics of the Romanian Academy


In this article we continue the study started in [8] to use Riesz MValgebras for IoT devices signals processing. The Shepard local approximation operators introduced in [8] were defines such that to approximate single variable functions. In real industrial usage, the signals coming from IoT devices may be influenced by mode than a parameter, and thus we introduce generalized Shepard local approximation operators that can approximate multi-dimensional functions and some numerical experiments are considered.


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IoT devices; signal processing; Shepard local approximation operators; local approximation operators; approximation algorithms; Riesz MV-algebras, vectorial MV-algebras