Active Queue Management of TCP Flows with Self-scheduled Linear Parameter Varying Controllers


  • Cosku Kasnakoglu TOBB University of Economics and Technology


AQM, congestion control, control theory, fluid model, LPV systems, selfscheduled controller


Control-theoretic approaches to Active Queue Management (AQM) are typically based on linearizations of fluid flow models around design conditions. These conditions depend on the Round Trip Time (RTT), and the AQM performance is known to degrade if RTT values during actual operation depart substantially from design values. To overcome this difficulty a self-scheduled LPV controller for AQM is considered in this paper, where the controller is modified in real-time based on RTT. Simulations show that the self-scheduled LPV controller has good performance for both constant and time-varying RTTs, and outperforms two other common control-theoretic approaches to AQM.

Author Biography

Cosku Kasnakoglu, TOBB University of Economics and Technology

Cosku Kasnakoglu received his PhD from the Department of Electrical
and Computer Engineering at The Ohio State University. He is now associate professor
at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at TOBB University of Economics
and Technology. His research interests include nonlinear control, flow control,
dynamical modeling, adaptive control, linear parameter varying systems and unmanned
air vehicles.


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