Development of an Agent Based Specialized Multi-Lingual Web Browser for Visually Handicapped


  • Ponnusamy Ramalingam Professor Dept of Computer Science & Engineering Madha Engineering College Kundrathur, Chennai - 600 069.
  • Satish Babu Dept of Computer Science & Engineering, Madha Engineering College, Chennai - 600 069, India
  • T. Chitralekha


Visually handicapped, Braille shell, Internet, Multi-Lingual Web Browser.


In the modern age everyone needs access to Internet; Visually handicapped are not an exception for that. SPECS (SPEcialized Computer System) is a system developed to give access to the visually handicapped.  It has a Braille shell. The user can enter his spoken language. After the selection of the language the user can present his request to the browser through chosen language in Braille. The output generated by the browser is given out as voice message.  The effectiveness of this system is measured based on number of requests processed, access speed and precision of the system


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