Smart and Safe Vehicle Monitoring with Fuzzy Integral and Haar-like Features


  • Se-bin Oh Pukyong National University, Korea
  • Yeon Ho Chung Pukyong National University, Korea


Fatigue, Haar-like, Monitoring, Vehicle Safety


An on-board Android-based smart and safe vehicle monitoring system is presented. The on-board monitoring system (OMS) performs important monitoring functions: Record, Report and Alert (RRA). The Record function records front images of a moving vehicle. During the recording, any accidents or other emergency conditions will be automatically reported via the Report function for an emergency rescue operation. For the detection of shocks or accidents, we use acceleration based shock sensors that utilize fuzzy integral algorithm. The OMS also focuses on drowsiness that is largely regarded as the main cause of most accidents. The Haar-like feature is used to detect any sign of drowsiness and the Alert function is performed to alert the driver. All the vehicle-borne information is stored at a remote server via wireless communication links for later use or post-processing. A test bed has been developed and verified thoroughly for its accurate operations. The proposed smart and safe vehicle monitoring system offers advanced safety features and is expected to substantially reduce fatigue related accidents.


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