A Knowledge-based Telemonitoring Platform for Application in Remote Healthcare


  • Weiping Zhang University of Rostock Germany, Institution Center for life science automation
  • Kerstin Thurow University of Rostock Germany, Institution Center for life science automation
  • Regina Stoll University of Rostock Germany, Institution Center for life science automation


telemonitoring, ontology, knowledge-based System, Context-Aware application


Telemonitoring systems have been shown to greatly reduce medical costs while improving the quality of medical care. Today, the main factors restricting the development and popularization of Telemonitoring systems include scalability and compatibility. The challenge for the remote healthcare lies in the variety of heterogeneous medical sensors which need to be dynamically removed or added to the environment according to the health care needs. This paper presents the design for an ontology-based context model and related middleware that provides a reusable and extensible application platform for Remote Healthcare. We designed the ontology context model to describe physiological parameters, medical tasks and the patient’s personal profile. Developers may extend the ontology model by considering new requirements as needed.


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