Remarks on Interface Oriented Software Systems Modelling


  • Dorin Bocu Transilvania University of Brasov
  • Razvan Bocu Transilvania University of Brasov


user perspective, structural perspective, behavioural perspective, interface


This paper explores the foundations regarding the systematic usage of the concept of interface in order to sketch a methodological approach, in which the fundamental perspectives that guide the abstracting of a software system solution (referred to as UP, SP and BP in the paper) are unified, with the goal to optimally derive the behaviour of the system from its structure. Moreover, this is very useful for opening new avenues in order to address the shortcomings that are provoked by changes, considering a software system that is conceived at an industrial scale.

Author Biographies

Dorin Bocu, Transilvania University of Brasov

Professor Dr, Department of Computer Science

Razvan Bocu, Transilvania University of Brasov

Lecturer Dr, Department of Computer Science


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