Status, Challenges and Trends in Videoconferencing Platforms


  • Ana-Maria Suduc Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania
  • Mihai Bizoi Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania
  • Florin Gheorghe Filip Romanian Academy, Romania



collaboration technologies, decision support platforms, pandemic, virtual meetings


Although videoconferencing platforms were a growing market even before the Covid-19 pandemic, they became very popular and widely used within weeks of the beginning of the pandemic. The compulsion of social distancing, lockdown, the need to work from home have led to an exponential demand for videoconferencing applications and an adaptation of the way we carry out our current activities such as work, decision-making, communicating with family and colleagues, or education. With the diversification of the categories of users of videoconferencing systems and the contexts in which they were used, many other needs have emerged and the demand to adapt these platforms, both in terms of ease of use and functionality, as well as security. Videoconferencing systems are no longer meant only for decision-makers or trainers, but also for general public. This paper reviews various data regarding the use of videoconferencing systems in recent years, a number of problems encountered by users, and expected trends in the future.


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