Optimization Scheme of Forming Linear WSN for Safety Monitoring in Railway Transportation


  • Ning Zhang School of Computer and Information Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University
  • Xuemei Zhang School of Computer and Information Technology Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing ,China Beijing Haidian District, ShangYuanCun Number 3 Beijing, 100044, China
  • Haitao Liu
  • Dengfeng Zhang


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), linear network, strategy of forming the network, energy balance algorithms


With the development of wireless sensing network, more and more applications have been deployed in the safety monitoring and in natural disasters prevention. The safety and disaster prevention systems have usually been laid out in linear network architecture, such as those of railway, motorway transportation and pipes. The background of the article is railway hazard goods transportation safety surveillance. The paper discusses about the network architecture of linear wireless sensor networks with multiple sink nodes, and proposes the grouping method of sink nodes and the formation scheme of networks. The scheme can re-establish a monitoring network when the train on the way is disconnected and re-grouped. The switching algorithm of group head nodes is put forward, so that the energy consumption of each node in the group is even. The optimal switching parameters for group head nodes are suggested by the simulation. Compared with the usual monitoring network, the method proposed enables the system life expectancy to prolong more than five times, and meets the monitoring requirements simultaneously.


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