C2 Advanced Multi-domain Environment and Live Observation Technologies



  • Francisco José Pérez
  • Alberto Garcí­a
  • Ví­ctor J. Garrido
  • Manuel Esteve
  • Marcelo Zambrano




UxVs, Border Control, Distributed Infrastructure, Situational Awareness


Nowadays, the free movement of people and goods within the European Union is one of the topical issues. Each member state and border practitioner exploits its own set of assets in their goal of border surveillance and control. States have invested significantly in these assets and infrastructures necessary to manage and control the transit in the border areas. As new capabilities and assets become available and as current Command and Control (C2) systems become older, border control practitioners are faced with the increasing challenge of how to integrate new assets, command and control all of them in a coordinated and coherent way without having to invest in a completely new C2 systems built from the ground up. Therefore, and bearing in mind that the systems already developed up to date are very old and are not framed in a global standard data model, it has been identified, on one side the need to define a platform that allows to interact with multiple UxVs (land, sea and air), and on the other, unify all data models so that it can globalize and generate a much more concise analysis of what happens in places of conflict.


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