Cloud Computing in Remote Sensing : High Performance Remote Sensing Data Processing in a Big data Environment


  • Yassine Sabri
  • Aouad Siham



Remote Sensing, Data integration, Cloud Computing, Big Data


Multi-area and multi-faceted remote sensing (SAR) datasets are widely used due to the increasing demand for accurate and up-to-date information on resources and the environment for regional and global monitoring. In general, the processing of RS data involves a complex multi-step processing sequence that includes several independent processing steps depending on the type of RS application. The processing of RS data for regional disaster and environmental monitoring is recognized as computationally and data demanding.Recently, by combining cloud computing and HPC technology, we propose a method to efficiently solve these problems by searching for a large-scale RS data processing system suitable for various applications. Real-time on-demand service. The ubiquitous, elastic, and high-level transparency of the cloud computing model makes it possible to run massive RS data management and data processing monitoring dynamic environments in any cloud. via the web interface. Hilbert-based data indexing methods are used to optimally query and access RS images, RS data products, and intermediate data. The core of the cloud service provides a parallel file system of large RS data and an interface for accessing RS data from time to time to improve localization of the data. It collects data and optimizes I/O performance. Our experimental analysis demonstrated the effectiveness of our method platform.


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