CBMIR: Content Based Medical Image Retrieval Using Multilevel Hybrid Approach


  • B. Ramamurthy Department of Computer Science Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College NGGO Colony P.O Vattamalaipalyam Coimbatore India
  • K.R. Chandran PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India.


CBMIR, CBIR, euclidean method, precision, recall


The problem of retrieval and managing of medical images has become more important due to its scalability and rich information contained in it. In day to day activities, as more as medical images were converted into digital form. Due to its nature, the need for efficient and simple access to this data is essential one. This paper proposed a novel approach namely “content based medical image retrieval using multilevel hybrid approach" to manage and retrieval of this data.This work has been implemented as four levels. In each level, the retrieval performance of the work has been improved. The result of this work has been compared with some of the existing works that are made as literature review on this work.


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