SDA-SM: An Efficient Secure Data Aggregation Scheme using Separate MAC across Wireless Sensor Networks


  • Mohamed Elshrkawey
  • Hassan Al-Mahdi Faculty of Sciences and Arts, Al Quryyat, Al Jouf University, Saudi Arabia


WSN, LEACH, secure data aggregation, homomorphic encryption, Message Authentication Code


Securing the aggregated data of the wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is a vital issue to minimize energy consumption and face potential attacks. This paper presents a novel end to end encryption scheme defined as Aggregating Secure Data -Separate MAC (SDA-SM). The importance of the SDA-SM is twofold. First, it separates the secured aggregated data and the message authentication codes (MAC) into two different packets. Second, it transmits these packets in a random separate time-slot according to the scheduling of the TDMA. Moreover, the TDMA applied in the LEACH protocol is modified to adequate to the proposed SDA-SM scheme. The SDA-SM uses MACs to verify the integrity of the aggregated data and uses a sensor protected identifier to authenticate the source of data. The simulation results of the experiments assure the SDA-SM objectives can be achieved with less computation of the communication overheads than earlier techniques. Besides, SDA-SM will be able to accomplish the integrity and confidentiality of accurate aggregated data while saving the energy to prolong the network lifetime.


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