Modelling and Analysis of IoT Technology Using Neural Networks In Agriculture Environment


  • Emre Özbilge Department of Computer Engineering European University of Lefke, North Cyprus TR-10 Mersin, Turkey :
  • Yönal Kırsal European University of Lefke
  • Ersin Çaglar Department of Management Information Systems European University of Lefke, North Cyprus TR-10 Mersin, Turkey


Neural networks, internet of things, agriculture, machine learning, intelligent systems.


The rapid development of internet, cloud computing and sensor networks lead to develop and deploy the Internet of Things (IoT) which is a hot topic for the researchers. It has started to be used in various areas. Thus, agriculture is one of the most popular IoT research area. In agriculture environment, farming platform area is being a huge open structure and farmers must protect the crops from extreme weather conditions namely; wind speed/direction, precipitation, air temperature, solar radiations, and relative humidity etc. These extreme weather conditions effect crops and farms very significantly. But with the benefits of Internet of Things technologies, an agriculture business become more easy and efficient despite extreme weather conditions. This paper provides a model of smart agriculture environment using neural networks that helps the farmers to make more accurate predictions for the future according to weather conditions. This paper proposed a time-delay radial basis function (TDRBF) network approach to model temporal and sequential relationship between the various weather condition sensor readings from the agricultural environment. The performance of the acquired network model was analysed statistically and presented in this paper. As a result, the results of the neural network model show that it could be used to predict the desired weather condition sensor readings beforehand in order to increase the productivity in agricultural environment and also it is possible that by using such an intelligent learning system could provide a life-long learning for the changing weather conditions in the farming area over the years.


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[Online]. Available: 8-billion-connected-things-will-be-in-use-in-2017-up-31-percent-from-2016, Accesed on 22 December 2019.



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