Scheme for Statistical Analysis of Some Parametric Normalization Classes


  • Aleksandras Krylovas Vilnius Gediminas technical University
  • Natalja Kosareva Vilnius Gediminas technical University
  • Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas Vilnius Gediminas technical University


normalization methods, multi-criteria optimization, Monte Carlo method, comparative statistical analysis, SAW


In this research 7 parametric classes of normalization functions depending on 1 or 2 parameters proposed for MCDM problem solution. Monte Carlo experiments carried out to perform comparative statistical analysis and find optimal parameter values for the case of Gaussian distribution of decision making matrix elements. Optimal parameter values were ascertained for each normalization method. Normalization formulas were compared with each other in the sense of their efficiency. Logarithmic and Max normalization formulas demonstrated highest values of the best alternative identification. The proposed methodology of determining optimal parameter values of normalization formulas could be applied by approximation of real data with appropriate probability distributions.


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