Contributions of Florin Gheorghe Filip in Information Science and Technology


  • Ioan Dzitac Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad 310330 Arad, Elena Dragoi, 2, Romania
  • Misu-Jan Manolescu Agora University of Oradea 410526 Oradea, P-ta Tineretului 8, Romania


decision support systems (DSS), hierarchical large-scale systems, managerial activity, recognition, scientific publications.


Romanian scientist Florin Gheorghe Filip was born in 1947 and this year he turns 70. F.G. Filip is an engineer and Ph.D. in control engineering and computer science. Still very young, he became corresponding member of the Romanian Academy in 1991 (when he was only 44 years old), and, at 52 years old (1999), become full member in the highest learned society of Romania. From 1970 to 2000, he worked at the National R&D Institute in Informatics Bucharest (ICI). For 10 years, during 2000-2010, he was Vice President of the Romanian Academy. In 2010, he was elected President of the "Information Science and Technology" section of Romanian Academy. At present, he is the director of the Romanian Academy Library. His fields of scientific interest have been: decision support systems (DSS), large-scale systems control and optimization, technology management and foresight and IT application to cultural domain . He has authored/co-authored over 300 technical papers, 13 monographs, and edited/co-edited 24 contributed volumes.


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