Application of Visual Servo Control in Autonomous Mobile Rescue Robots


  • Haoxiang Lang
  • Muhammad Tahir Khan
  • Kok-Kiong Tan
  • Clarence W. W. de Silva


Mobile robots that integrate visual servo control for facilitating autonomous grasping nd manipulation are the focus of this paper. In view of mobility, they have wider pplication than traditional fixed-based robots with visual servoing. Visual servoing s widely used in mobile robot navigation. However, there are not so many report or applying it to mobile manipulation. In this paper, challenges and limitations of pplying visual servoing in mobile manipulation are discussed. Next, two classical pproaches (image-based visual servoing (IBVS) and position-based visual servoing (PBVS)) are introduced aloing with their advantages and disadvantages. Simulations n Matlab are carried out using the two methods, there advantages and drawbacks are llustrated and discussed. On this basis, a suggested system in mobile manipulation s proposed including an IBVS with an eye-in-hand camera configuration system. imulations and experimentations are carried with this robot configuration in a earch and rescue scenario, which show good performance.

Author Biography

Haoxiang Lang

Associate Editor in Chief of IJCCC

Rector of Agora University


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