A Modeling Method of JPEG Quantization Table for QVGA Images


  • Gu-Min Jeong School of Electrical Engineering Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea
  • Jong-Duck Lee Avionics Center LIG Nex1, Daejeong, Korea
  • Sang-Il Choi School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
  • Dong-Wook Kang Corresponding author School of Electrical Engineering Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea


JPEG, Quantization Table, Mobile QVGA Image, Frequency Compensation


This paper presents a new JPEG quantization table design method for mobile phone images. Although the screen size of mobile phones is very small, the full information of the image should nevertheless be represented. Moreover, the high frequency components of the mobile phone images may contain important information. In order to enhance the performance of mobile JPEG images, these high frequency components should be compensated using an appropriate quantization table. Considering these characteristics, we propose a modeling method of the quantization table for compensating the high frequency components of the mobile images while sacrificing their low frequency components. We select the optimized pre-emphasis factor and bias factor using various sets of 240í— 320 images and show that the proposed method improves the performance in terms of size and PSNR.


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