A Swarm Intelligence Approach to the Power Dispatch Problem


  • Dinu Călin Secui University of Oradea, Faculty of Energy Engineering, Romania
  • Ioan Felea University of Oradea, Faculty of Energy Engineering, Romania
  • Simona Dzitac University of Oradea, Faculty of Energy Engineering, Romania
  • Laurențiu Popper University of Oradea, Faculty of Energy Engineering, Romania E-mail: csecui@uoradea.ro, ifelea@uoradea.ro, simona.dzitac@gmail.com,


economic dispatch problem, constrained optimization, particle swarm optimization


This paper examines how two techniques of the Particle Swarm Optimization method (PSO) can be used to solve the Economic Power Dispatch (EPD) problem. The mathematical model of the EPD is a nonlinear one, PSO algorithms being considered efficient in solving this kind of models. Also, PSO has been successfully applied in many complex optimization problems in power systems. The PSO techniques presented here are applied to three case studies, which analyze power systems having four, six, respectively twenty generating units.


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