Variants of P Colonies with Very Simple Cell Structure


  • Lucie Ciencialoví¡ Institute of Computer Science, Faculty of Philosophy and Science, Silesian University in Opava Bezruˇcovo ní¡m. 13, 74601 Opava, Czech Republic
  • Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Kende utca 13-17, 1111 Budapest, Hungary
  • Alica Kelemenoví¡ Department of Computer Science, Catholic University Ružomberok Ní¡m. A. Hlinku 56, 03401 Ružomberok, Slovakia
  • György Vaszil Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Kende utca 13-17, 1111 Budapest, Hungary


P systems, colonies, P colonies, register machines


We study two very simple variants of P colonies: systems with only one object inside the cells, and systems with insertion-deletion programs, so called P colonies with senders and consumers. We show that both of these extremely simple types of systems are able to compute any recursively enumerable set of vectors of non-negative integers.


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