Task Resource Allocation in Grid using Swift Scheduler


  • K. Somasundaram Arulmigul Kalasalingam College of Engineering Department of Computer Science and Engineering Krishnankoil-626190, Tamilnadu, India
  • S. Radhakrishnan Arulmigul Kalasalingam College of Engineering Department of Computer Science and Engineering Krishnankoil-626190, Tamilnadu, India


Grid Computing, Swift Scheduler, Dynamic Scheduling Algorithm, First Come First Serve, Shortest Job First


In nature, Grid computing is the combination of parallel and distributed computing where running computationally intensive applications like sequence alignment, weather forecasting, etc are needed a proficient scheduler to solve the problems awfully fast. Most of the Grid tasks are scheduled based on the First come first served (FCFS) or FCFS with advanced reservation, Shortest Job First (SJF) and etc. But these traditional algorithms seize more computational time due to soar waiting time of jobs in job queue. In Grid scheduling algorithm, the resources selection is NPcomplete. To triumph over the above problem, we proposed a new dynamic scheduling algorithm which is the combination of heuristic search algorithm and traditional SJF algorithm called swift scheduler. The proposed algorithm takes care of Job’s memory and CPU requirements along with the priority of jobs and resources. Our experimental results shows that our scheduler reduces the average waiting time in the job queue and reduces the over all computational time.


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