Neuro-Fuzzy based Approach for Inverse Kinematics Solution of Industrial Robot Manipulators


  • Srinivasan Alavandar Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering Roorkee - 2477667, Uttarkhand, INDIA
  • M. J. Nigam Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering Roorkee - 2477667, Uttarkhand, INDIA


Neuro-Fuzzy, ANFIS, Robot manipulator, Inverse kinematics


Obtaining the joint variables that result in a desired position of the robot end-effector called as inverse kinematics is one of the most important problems in robot kinematics and control. As the complexity of robot increases, obtaining the inverse kinematics solution requires the solution of non linear equations having transcendental functions are difficult and computationally expensive. In this paper, using the ability of ANFIS (Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System) to learn from training data, it is possible to create ANFIS, an implementation of a representative fuzzy inference system using a BP neural network-like structure, with limited mathematical representation of the system. Computer simulations conducted on 2 DOF and 3DOF robot manipulator shows the effectiveness of the approach.


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