Antenna Arrays Principle and Solutions: Robust Control Approach


  • Florin Hutu University of Poitiers Department : LAII-ESIP 40 avenue du Recteur Pineau
  • Sebastien Cauet
  • Patrick Coirault


Nonlinear systems, Control applications, Antenna arrays


This paper treats solutions on the ability of a chain of non identical oscillators to drive antenna arrays. Frequency approaches were studied in order to solve the problem of synchronization of the oscillators. However, in this article, a new structure of chain of oscillators is introduced. Secondly, Lyapunov theory of stability is used to design a dynamical controller guarantying the oscillators synchronization. The problem of synchronization is transformed into a problem of asymptotic stabilization for a nonlinear system. It is formulated as a system of linear matrix inequalities where the parameter variations of the two oscillators and their differences are modeled by polytopic matrices. The theoretical result is successfully applied to an array of transistor-based oscillators used in "smart antenna" systems.


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