Robust Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller for Discrete Nonlinear Systems


  • Hafedh Abid Institut supérieure des études technologiques de Sfax Laboratoire d’Automatique, Génie Informatique et Signal Cité Scientifique, BP 48, 59651 Villeneuve d’Ascq, France
  • Mohamed Chtourou Unité de Commande Intelligente, design et optimisation des Systí¨mes complexes(ICOS) ENIS, B.P. W, 3038 sfax, Tunisie
  • Ahmed Toumi 3Unité de Procédés Industriels Unité de Commande Automatique (UCPI) ENIS,B.P. W, 3038 sfax, Tunisie


Nonlinear systems, Sliding mode, T-S fuzzy systems, Reaching law


In this work we are interested to discrete robust fuzzy sliding mode control. The discrete SISO nonlinear uncertain system is presented by the Takgi- Sugeno type fuzzy model state. We recall the principle of the sliding mode control theory then we combine the fuzzy systems with the sliding mode control technique to compute at each sampling time the control law. The control law comports two terms: equivalent control law and switching control law which has a high frequency. The uncertainty is replaced by its upper bound. Inverted pendulum and mass spring dumper are used to check performance of the proposed fuzzy robust sliding mode control scheme.


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