An Efficient Numerical Integration Algorithm for Cellular Neural Network Based Hole-Filler Template Design


  • V. Murugesh Department of Information and Communication Engineering Hannam University 133 Ojung-dong Daeduk-gu, Daejeon 306-791, Republic of Korea
  • K. Batri Department of Computer Science and Engineering Muthyammal Engineering College Rasipuram 637 408, India


Cellular Neural Networks, Euler Algorithm, RK-Gill Algorithm, RKButcher Algorithm, Ordinary differential equations, Hole-filler


This paper presents, a design method for the template of the hole-filler used to improve the performance of the character recognition using Numerical integration algorithms. This is done by analyzing the features of the hole-filler template and the dynamic process of CNN and by using popular numerical algorithms to obtain a set of inequalities satisfying its output characteristics as well as the parameter range of the hole-filler template. Some simulation results and comparisons are also presented.


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