Networked Predictive Fuzzy Control of Systems with Forward Channel Delays based on a Linear Model Predictor


  • Shiwen Tong Beijing Union University
  • Dianwei Qian School of Control and Computer Engineering North China Electric Power University Beijing 102206, China
  • Guo-Ping Liu 1.School of Engineering University of South Wales Portypridd CF37 1DL, UK 2.CTGT Center Harbin Institute of Technology Harbin 150001, China


networked control, model prediction, fuzzy control, delay compensation


This paper presents a novel networked control framework, using fuzzy
logic control, for systems with network delays which are known to
greatly weaken the control performance of the controlled system. To
deal with the network delays, the predicted differences between the
desired future set-points and the predicted outputs from a model
predictor are utilized as the inputs of a fuzzy controller, thus a
series of future control actions are generated. By selecting the
appropriated control sequence in the plant side, the network delays
are compensated. The simulative results demonstrate that the
proposed method can obviously reduce the effect of network delays,
and improve the system dynamic performance.

Author Biography

Shiwen Tong, Beijing Union University

College of Automation


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