A Metrics-based Diagnosis Tool for Enhancing Innovation Capabilities in SMEs


  • Juan Sepulveda Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Santiago of Chile 3769 Ecuador Ave. Santiago, Chile. PO Box 10233
  • Javier Gonzalez Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Santiago of Chile 3769 Ecuador Ave. Santiago, Chile. PO Box 10233
  • Miguel Alfaro Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Santiago of Chile 3769 Ecuador Ave. Santiago, Chile. PO Box 10233
  • Mauricio Camargo Nancy-Universite / ERPI (Equipe de Recherche des Processus Innovatifs) 8, rue Bastien Lepage 54010 Nancy Cedex, France


technological innovation, multicriteria decision making, classification methods


Innovation doubtless represents a main strategic lever for the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in many industrial sectors and it comprises new techniques, new products and new processes, as well as new services which lead to better customer service and revenue. However, the basic question of how well the company is equipped with the necessary practices, methodologies, people, and beliefs, is far from being completely answered yet. In this paper, a metrics-based diagnosis tool for measuring and enhancing the innovation capabilities in SMEs is presented along with a set of preliminary results from case-based studies at the local industry. In this paper we propose a new method by studying the competences of SMEs in concepts tied to innovation and by using a specified framework. As a first step, all of the necessary information by using questionnaires with verbal-scales evaluations is compiled. Second, we use a non-compensatory flow-based sorting method with central profiles to identify the current level and to classify the company into predefined levels. Third, a detailed analysis of the obtained values is performed in order to make a personalized recommendation.


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