Alternative Wireless Network Technology Implementation for Rural Zones


  • Francisco J. Watkins Universidad de Santiago
  • Ricardo A. Hinojosa Universidad de Santiago
  • Astrid M. Oddershede Universidad de Santiago


wireless mesh network


This paper describes a methodology that allows wireless networking allowing interconnection to the Internet through a Gateway, to interact and obtain products and services delivery. These Wireless Mesh Network(WMN), are based on routers which are programmed to work as nodes of a network. There are certain routers that allow the programming of its firmware to form network nodes. Communication is transmitted between nodes in the network and it is possible to cover long distances. The signal of a distant node, hop from node to node till reach the Gateway. This generates delays and congestion in the network. A path that contains nodes that make more faster connection to the Gateway can be designed as a solution. This is called a backbone, has a different channel frequency of the common nodes. The characteristics of these networks is its fast implementation and low cost. This make them useful for rural areas, for developing countries and remote regions.

Author Biographies

Ricardo A. Hinojosa, Universidad de Santiago

Departamento de Ingenieria Electrica

Astrid M. Oddershede, Universidad de Santiago

Departamento de Ingenieria Electrica


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