Simulating the Need of Working Capital for Decision Making in Investments


  • Mariana Nagy Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad
  • Valentin Burca SC Leoni Wiring Systems SRL Arad
  • Casian Butaci Agora Univeristy, Oradea
  • Gabriela Bologa Agora Univeristy, Oradea


investment cycle, working capital, stochastic models, computer simulation, case study


Simulation is one of the main instruments within the financial techniques of modeling decisions in condition of risk. The paper compares a couple of simulation methods for Sales and their impact on the need of short term financing. For simulating the need of working capital, the original software implementation is based on the data analysis and statistical facilities of a common spreadsheet program. The case study aims at proving the utility of the software for furnishing results with three of the main known simulation methods and helping the decisional process.


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