Reliable Critical Infrastructure: Multiple Failures for Multicast using Multi-Objective Approach


  • Ferney A. Maldonado-Lopez Universidad de los Andes, Bogota
  • Yezid Donoso Universidad de los Andes, Bogota


resilience, protection, survivability networks, multi-objective evolutionary algorithm


Multicast is the keystone for multimedia Internet. Multicast is one of the new and most used services in telecommunication networks. However, these networks meet big challenges when facing failures from diverse factors, including natural disasters and bad configurations. Networks operators need to establish mechanisms to maintain available multicast services, and plan actions to handle incidents. We study and implement an elitist evolutionary algorithm based on Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm - SPEA. Our implementation recalculates network routes, even when there are multiple failures. The results indicate that our product finds lower-cost and higheravailability multicast tree to protect multicast services.


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