Broadcast Scheduling Problem in TDMA Ad Hoc Networks using Immune Genetic Algorithm


  • D. Arivudainambi Anna University, Chennai, India
  • D. Rekha Anna University, Chennai, India


Ad hoc networks, Broadcast Scheduling, Genetic algorithm, Immune genetic algorithm.


In this paper, a new efficient immune genetic algorithm (IGA) is proposed for broadcast scheduling problem in TDMA Ad hoc network. Broadcast scheduling is a primary issue in wireless ad hoc networks. The objective of a broadcast schedule is to deliver a message from a given source to all other nodes in a minimum amount of time. Broadcast scheduling avoids packet collisions by allowing the nodes transmission that does not make interference of a time division multiple access (TDMA) ad hoc network. It also improves the transmission utilization by assigning one transmission time slot to one or more non-conflicting nodes such a way that every node transmits at least once in each TDMA frame. An optimum transmission schedule could minimize the length of a TDMA frame while maximizing the total number of transmissions. The aim of this paper is to increase the number of transmissions in fixed Ad hoc network with time division multiple access (TDMA) method, with in a reduced time slot. The results of IGA are compared to the recently reported algorithms. The simulation result indicates that IGA performs better even for a larger network.

Author Biographies

D. Arivudainambi, Anna University, Chennai, India

Department of Mathematics

D. Rekha, Anna University, Chennai, India

Department of Mathematics


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