Fuzzy Euclidean Normed Spaces for Data Mining Applications


  • Sorin Nădăban Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad Romania, 310330 Arad, Elena Dragoi, 2 *Corresponding author: snadaban@gmail.com


fuzzy norm, fuzzy Euclidean normed spaces, data mining


The aim of this paper is to introduce some special fuzzy norms on Kn and to obtain, in this way, fuzzy Euclidean normed spaces. In order to introduce this concept we have proved that the cartesian product of a finite family of fuzzy normed linear spaces is a fuzzy normed linear space. Thus any fuzzy norm on K generates a fuzzy norm on Kn. Finally, we prove that each fuzzy Euclidean normed space is complete. Fuzzy Euclidean normed spaces can be proven to be a suitable tool for data mining. The method is based on embedding the data in fuzzy Euclidean normed spaces and to carry out data analysis in these spaces.


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