Application of the Analysis of Self-similar Teletraffic with Long-range Dependence (LRD) at the Network Layer Level


  • Ginno Millí¡n Universidad Católica del Norte Escuela de Ingenierí­a, Larrondo #1281, Coquimbo - Chile
  • Gastón Lefranc Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaí­so Escuela de Ingenierí­a Eléctrica, Avda. Brasil #2147, Valparaí­so - Chile *Corresponding author:


Long-range-dependence, network layer, traffic models, self-similar process


In a previous paper it was proposed, and theoretically confirmed, that analysis of self-similar traffic flows with long-range dependence may be restricted to the network layer. In this paper this novel concept is applied to the study of traffic recorded in an IEEE 802.3u network environment with the aim of proving its validity as a simple and efficient tool for high speed computer network traffic flow analysis.


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