Control System for Auto Moving Vehicle using for Artificial Turf Ground Performance Test


  • Myung Jin Chung Mechatronics Engineering Department Korea Polytechnic University, Republic of Korea


control system, auto moving vehicle, artificial turf, positioning, velocity, trajectory following


Recently, use of artificial turf has been increasing in a variety of international games as well as the change of school playgrounds to artificial turf from clay. Artificial turf is needs to obtain a standard certification to hold international games. This standard certification is based on a shock performance test during a specified period. The control system of the auto moving vehicle using for artificial turf ground performance tests is proposed and the control algorithm was adopted to improve the trajectory following performance of the auto moving vehicle. The control algorithm was optimized by computer simulation. Each part of the control system was developed and integrated into the auto moving vehicle. Experiments were conducted to verify the performance of the control system. From the performance test, the control system had a positioning resolution of 0.05m, maximum velocity of 1m/sec, and a trajectory following error of ±1.3deg for operating conditions.


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