P2P Resource Sharing in Wired/Wireless Mixed Networks


  • Jianwei Liao College of Computer and Information Science Southwest University of China 400715, Beibei, Chongqing, China


wired/wireless mixed network, resource sharing, manager-based routing protocol, backbone overlay network, peer-to-peer


This paper presents a new routing protocol called Manager-based Routing Protocol (MBRP) for sharing resources in wired/wireless mixed networks. MBRP specifies a manager node for a designated sub-network (called as a group), in which all nodes have the similar connection properties; then all manager nodes are employed to construct the backbone overlay network with ring topology. The manager nodes act as the proxies between the internal nodes in the group and the external world, that is not only for centralized management of all nodes to a certain extent, but also for avoiding the messages flooding in the whole network. The experimental results show that compared with Gnutella2, which uses super-peers to perform similar management work, the proposed MBRP has less lookup overhead including lookup latency and lookup hop count in the most of cases. Besides, the experiments also indicate that MBRP has well configurability and good scaling properties. In a word, MBRP has less transmission cost of the shared file data, and the latency for locating the sharing resources can be reduced to a great extent in the wired/wireless mixed networks.

Author Biography

Jianwei Liao, College of Computer and Information Science Southwest University of China 400715, Beibei, Chongqing, China

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


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