Cooperative Robot Structures Modeled After Whale Behavior and Social Structure


  • Ionut Cristian Resceanu University of Craiova Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics
  • Cristina Floriana Resceanu University of Craiova Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics Romania, 200440 Craiova, Decebal Blvd., no. 107
  • Nicu-George Bí®zdoacă University of Craiova Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics


cooperative structures, data fusion, manipulative robots


This paper analyses the communications and social structure of whale pods and tries to apply their principles on cooperative robot structures which can be guided to perform a certain task. The communication patterns and social structure are presented at first in order to define real, natural phenomena which can then be translated through cooperative robotic structures. Whale communication has suffered modifications in the latter years mostly because of the increase of noise in the ocean. Problems regarding communications between the cooperative structures chosen for modelling whale behavior are solved by data fusion techniques. In the last part of the paper the problem of dynamic compensation of disturbances is studied with regard to cooperative structures.

Author Biography

Ionut Cristian Resceanu, University of Craiova Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


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