Decision Support for Healthcare ICT Network System Appraisal


  • Astrid M. Oddershede University of Santiago of Chile, Industrial Engineering Department
  • Luis E. Quezada University of Santiago of Chile, Industrial Engineering Department
  • Felisa M. Cordova
  • Rolando A. Carrasco Newcastle University, UK, School of IEEE Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK


ICT, Healthcare, OPNET, MCDM


A framework to support the appraisal process to improve the quality of service (QoS) of an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) network system in health care service is presented. Most of health-related activities stand to benefit from ICT endorsement; however, technical problems may appear, as an inadequate physical infrastructure, insufficient access by the user to the hardware/software communication infrastructure and QoS issues. The aim is to develop a prototype assessment model based on data collected from the main users of a health network system An evaluation process is carried out to analyze and assess the support of QoS of ICT, its infrastructure and user interface perception of the QoS offered through case study for hospitals in Chile. Performance has been evaluated by simulation and modelling network Architecture. The Optimization Network Engineering Tool (OPNET) simulation platform is used to examine the network behaviour and performance to ensure consistency and reliability for thousands of staff across the hospital network.

Author Biography

Astrid M. Oddershede, University of Santiago of Chile, Industrial Engineering Department

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


Elske Ammenwertha,*, Stefan Gräberb, Gabriele Herrmannc, Thomas Bürkled, Jochem Königb, Evaluation of health information systems-problems and challenges, INT JOURNAL OF MEDICAL INFORMATICS 71, 125-135, 2010.

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