Cloud Service Management System for Innovative Clusters. Application for North-West Region of Romania


  • Daniela Popescu University of Oradea Economy Department Romania, 410610 Oradea, University Street, 1
  • Anca Dodescu University of Oradea Economy Department Romania, 410610 Oradea, University Street, 1
  • Petru Filip 1. Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University, Romania, 040042 Bucharest, Splaiul Unirii, 176 2. Agora University of Oradea, Romania, 410526 Oradea, Piata Tineretului, 8 3. University of Oradea Romania, 410610 Oradea, University Street, 1


cloud computing, service oriented architecture, open cloud architecture, IT services, innovative clusters, supply chain management


In order to stimulate and optimize the organization and management of
innovative clusters from value chain perspective and guide their planning activities
towards a differentiation strategy in which cluster members cooperate, we propose
a Cloud Service Management System (CSMS) that provides IT services for these
innovative clusters companies that can be customized for both enterprises with the
associated clusters.
Within such a system, actors begin to depend one on another and to take advantage
of the local knowledge base. Each cluster is designed to have a different profile which
will integrate all the companies mapped with it, with the objective of keeping the
profile and data for each company. For the existing companies the idea is to migrate
their services into the related cluster for integration within CSMS. Thus, our proposed
CSMS will consider and meet different quality of services (QoS) parameters of
each individual enterprise and service which will be included in specific Service Level
Agreements (SLAs), after the negotiation between the cloud service provider and the
CSMS. Realizing that technological progress is at the heart of regional development
and decision-makers could support the development of technology clusters towards
transforming them into regional innovative clusters, the application of our proposal
aims to overcome existing bottlenecks in terms of business strategies and regional
development policies in the North-West region of Romania.

Author Biography

Daniela Popescu, University of Oradea Economy Department Romania, 410610 Oradea, University Street, 1

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


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