Input Projection Algorithms Influence in Prediction and Optimization of QoS Accuracy


  • Răzvan-Daniel Albu University of Oradea
  • Ioan Dzitac 1. Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad Elena Dragoi St., 2, 310330 Arad, Romania 2. Agora University of Oradea Piata Tineretului 8, 410526 Oradea, Romania E-mail:
  • Florin Popentiu-Vlădicescu Academy of Scientist in Romania
  • Iuliana Maria Naghiu


Quality of Service (QoS), adaptive models, web services, large/big data


Regardless of new achievements in the research of prediction models, QoS is still a great issue for high quality web services and remains one of the key subjects that need to be studied. We believe that QoS should not only be measured, but have to be predicted in development and implementation phases. In this paper we assess how different input projection algorithms influence the prediction accuracy of a Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP) trained with large datasets of web services QoS values.

Author Biography

Răzvan-Daniel Albu, University of Oradea

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


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