Crisp-linear-and Models in Fuzzy Multiple Objective Linear Fractional Programming


  • Bogdana Stanojevic
  • Simona Dzitac
  • Ioan Dzitac Editor-in-Chief Agora University of Oradea & Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad & University of Craiova


fuzzy linear fractional programming, fuzzy multiple objective programming, fuzzy decision, aggregation operator.


The aim of this paper is to introduce two crisp linear models to solve fuzzy multiple objective linear fractional programming problems. In a novel manner we construct two piece-wise linear membership functions to describe the fuzzy goal linked to a linear fractional objective. They are related to the numerator and denominator of the fractional objective function; and we show that using the fuzzy-and operator to aggregate them a convenient description of the original fractional fuzzy goal is obtained. Further on, with the help of the fuzzy-and operator we aggregate all fuzzy goals and constraints, formulate a crisp linear model, and use it to provide a solution to the initial fuzzy multiple objective linear fractional programming problem. The second model embeds in distinct ways the positive and negative information, the desires and restrictions respectively; and aggregates in a bipolar manner the goals and constraints. The main advantage of using the new models lies in the fact that they are linear, and can generate distinct solutions to the multiple objective problem by varying the thresholds and tolerance limits imposed on the fuzzy goals.

Author Biography

Ioan Dzitac, Editor-in-Chief Agora University of Oradea & Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad & University of Craiova

Editor-in-Chief of IJCCC

Rector of Agora University


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