A Tight Coupling Cooperation Scheme with QoS Provisioning in WiFi/WiMAX Networks


  • Weifeng Sun School of Software Dalian University of Technology
  • Peng Zhang
  • Zhenquan Qin
  • Yuanfang Chen Institut Mines-Telecom Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University (UPMC, Paris VI), France
  • Da Teng Tencent Technology (Beijing) Co.Ltd Beijing 100080,


tight cooperation, WiMAX for WiFi, heterogeneous mesh networks


A tight coupling cooperation scheme for WiFi/WiMAX networks with QoS provisioning
has been proposed in this paper. A new WFW (WiMAX for WiFi) module which enables
WiMAX ful ll the procedure of bandwidth request-con rm-grant for WiFi was described
with a modi ed MAC layer of which MSH-DSCH (Mesh Distributed control message) re-
newed, and thus overhead of interacting of WiFi control message was eliminated. The sched-
ule is then evaluated through simulations in two typical transmission scenarios. Numerical
results show that more e ective WiFi/WiMAX heterogonous networks which o er QoS guar-
antees are obtained with the utilization of the scheme. The eciency of WiFi Mesh networks
increase sharply without obvious decrease of WiMAX performance.


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