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Academic Jobs

Written on Jan. 6, 2013.

Vacancies position at Agora University

published in the Romanian Official Gazette, part III, No. 455/21.12.2012 PDF (68,2 KO)

Law and Economics Faculty Social Sciences Department

1. Lecturer, position 20,

Subjects: Econometrics, Economic and Financial Analysis, Financial audit, Companies Finances

2. Associate Professor, position 7,

Subjects: Informatics, Database in Economy.

3. Associate Professor, position 8, 

Subjects: Criminal Law, General Part I; Criminal Law, General Part II

4. Associate Professor, position 9, 

Subjects: Constitutional Law and Public Institution I, Constitutional Law and Public Policies II, International Protection of Human Rights

5. Associate Professor, position 10, 

Subjects: International Public Law, International Private Law. 6. Associate Professor, position 11, Subjects: Public Policies, Economics Simulations and Projects 


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