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Articole cu eticheta china

Discover SWUFE 2018

Scris în 4 Ianuarie 2018.

Discover SWUFE 2018

Dear colleagues,

We wish you all a happy and prosperous new year for 2018!With increasing successes in past six years, we’re delighted once again to welcome you and your students to participate in 2018 Discover SWUFE International Summer School themed as New Era of Economic Globalization scheduled from July 1st to July 14th, 2018 in Chengdu, China!The Discover SWUFE International Summer School is a two-week-long, credits-conferring, English-taught summer program focusing on Business Learning and Culture Experience in China.

The program fee is WAIVED especially for our partner universities!We give two fee-waived places to each partner university of SWUFE (with signed agreements):

In 2018 a targeted program of focused academic content will be complementing the rich cultural exchange experiences. Students will be evaluated and certificated based on their contributions and performance within the academic, helping recognize the importance of the academic exchange within their personal academic development.Why to join the Discover SWUFE International Summer School?

An opportunity to visit Chengdu, one of China’s most rapidly expanding cities and host for the Summer School;
A comprehensive 2-week program immersing students in business education in China context with corporate experience;
A variety of curricular and cultural activities featuring lectures, workshop, company visits, sightseeing, cultural night and social events;

A diverse student body of the brightest young talents from the leading universities across continents;

A Certificate from SWUFE and 2 credits to serve as a permanent record for your academic achievements and active engagement during this memorable experience.

For your reference, the following documents are attached to this email. They can be also downloaded via the website under the Application section:

1. 2018 Discover SWUFE International Summer School Brochure

2. 2018 Discover SWUFE International Summer School Syllabus

3. Discover SWUFE Online Application Guideline We would appreciate if you could deliver the information to your undergraduate or graduate students, via email or website posting, thus attaching the texts and logo as well for your use where you see appropriate.

Please send us a list of nominates by March 31th and direct the students to complete application on-line at by April 30th, 2018.
The nomination serves as a strong supportive application material for your university's applicants. 
If you are interested in sending a group of over 4 students, please contact me for further information.

We warmly welcome your students to join the 2018 Discover SWUFE International Summer School! If you have any question, please feel free to contact

Many thanks and best wishes!

Zhenzhen Xie |Program Manager

Office of International Exchange and Cooperation | Southwestern University of Finance & Economics

A: 555 Liutai Avenue, Wenjiang, Chengdu, P.R. China | 611130

T: +86 28 8709 2553 | E: |W:

Prezent pentru a treia oară în China

Scris în 29 August 2016.

Prezent pentru a treia oară în China

Rectorul Ioan Dzițac a prezentat o lucrare invitată la ”2016 Big Data Symposium”, la Academia Chineză de Științe

Prezent în China pentru a treia oară, după ce în 2013 a susținut două lucrări invitate  la Beijing și Chengdu, iar în 2015 la Dalian, prof.univ.dr. Ioan Dzițac, rectorul Universității Agora, a susținut anul acesta a patra lucrare invitată în China, la Academia Chineză de Științe din Beijing.

Invitația a fost făcută de Dr.H.C. Yong Shi, membru corespondent al Academiei Chineze de Științe și consilier al primului ministru al Chinei pe probleme financiar- bancare.

La acest simpozion, desfășurat în perioada 11-14 august la Academia Chineză de Științe,  au susținut lucrări plenare 10 invitați speciali din Chile, China, România, Serbia și SUA :

1.     Fred Glover, University of Colorado, USA,

2.     Peizhuang Wang, Liaoning Technical University, China

3.     Jifa Gu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

4.     Florin Gheorghe Filip, Romanian Academy, Romania

5.     Ioan Dzițac, Agora University of Oradea, Romania

6.     Milan Stanojevic, Professor, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Serbia

7.     Bogdana Stanojevic, Researcher, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

8.     Felisa M. Cordova, Electrical Engineer, University of Santiago, Chile

9.     Daniel Berg, Member of National Academy of Engineering, USA

10.  James Tien, Member of National Academy of Engineering, USA

Menționăm că Universitatea Agora are colaborări excelente cu 3 universități din China:

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Soutwestern University of Finance and Economic și Beijing Jiatong University.

În această vară doi studenți ai Universității Agora (Oana Varga și Dan Claudiu Scorțe) au participat, în luna iulie,  la o școală de vară de 2 săptămâni  în Chengdu (costurile fiind achitate de universitatea chineză, cu excepția trasportului):

Impresii și imagini se pot vedea la

Universitatea Agora selectează în fiecare an, începând din 2014, câte doi studenți pentru această școală de vară.

Tot în luna iulie, doi asistenți doctoranzi (Marius George Șinca și Dan Petrică) au participat la o școală de vară pentru doctoranzi la Beijing Jiatong Universiy (toate costurile fiind suportate de către partenerii chinezi):

Rectorul UAO a fost din nou invitat în China

Scris în 22 Septembrie 2015.

Rectorul UAO a fost din nou invitat în China

International Conference on Oriental Thinking and Fuzzy Logic

Rectorul Universităţii Agora, dl prof. univ. dr. Ioan Dziţac, a
participat în calitate de „lector invitat" la International Conference
on Oriental Thinking and Fuzzy Logic (Celebration of the 50th
Anniversary of Fuzzy Sets in Big Data Era) International Conference
Center, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, China, în perioada
17-20 august 2015.

1) Fuzzy Information & Engineering Branch, Operation
Research Society of China;
2) Technical Committee on Business Intelligence,
Chinese Society for Management Modernization;
3) Extenics Society, Chinese
Association for Artificial Intelligence;
4) Knowledge Engineering and
Distributed Intelligence Society,
5) Chinese Association for Artificial
Intelligence; Rough Sets and Soft Computing Society,
6) Chinese Association
for Artificial Intelligence;
7) Liaoning Technical University, China;
Dalian University, China;
8) Dalian Polytechnic University, China;
9) Beijing
CONG AN ZHILIAN Technology Service Co., Ltd.

conferinţă au participat aproximativ 200 de persoane din China, Europa
şi Canada. Dintre aceştia 15 au participat cu lucrări invitate. Lectorii
invitaţi s-au bucurat de facilităţile oferite de organizatori cu titlu
gratuit (transport dus-întors, cazare în apartament la un hotel de 4
stele, mese zilnice, mese festive ş.a.).

Lecturi invitate:
1)Peizhuang Wang
, Liaoning Technical University, China - „Fuzzy Sets and Factor Space";
2) Ioan Dzitac,  Agora University of Oradea, Romania - „Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Intelligence";
3) Witold  Pedrycz
, University of Alberta, Canada - „New frontiers of computing and
reasoning with qualitative information: A perspective of granular
4) Germano Resconi, Universita degli Studi di Brescia, Italy - „From inconsistent topology to consistent in big data";
5) Deyi Li
, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China - „Cognitive Physics";
6) Zongben Xu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China - „Some questions with thinking about big data";7) Wen Cai, International Institute of Extenics - „Fuzzy logic and extenics";
8) Jifa Gu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China - „System science and Chinese medicine";
9) Zengliang Liu, National Defense University PLA China - „Factorial neural networks";
10) Yong Shi, Chinese Society for Management Modernization, China - „Uncertainty and big databases";
11) He Ouyang, Shanghai Jade Microelectronics - „The mathematical foundation for factor spaces";
12) Zeshui Xu, Sicuan Universdity, China - „Complex information decision making";
13) Jiali Feng,
Shanghai Maritime University, China - „Theory of meta-synthetic wisdom
based on fusion of qualitative, quantitative and imagery operations";
14) Congfu Huang, Beijing Normal University, China - „An approach checking whether an internet of intelligence  is positive";
15) Yixiang Chen, East China Normal University, China - „The Inter-definability and Application of Fuzzy Logic Operators".

(Ov. Dan):

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