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Elsevier: Interviu cu Ioan Dzitac despre nominalizarea IJCCC

Scris în 1 Noiembrie 2015.

Elsevier: Interviu cu Ioan Dzitac despre nominalizarea IJCCC

International Journal of Computers Communication & Control

Interview with editor-in-chief Ioan Dzitac

Elsevier: How do you feel about being nominated for Scopus Awards 2015?

Editor-in-Chief Ioan Dzitac:

The whole team is honored by the nomination which we believe is an acknowledgement of all the hard work that stands behind the publishing of International Journal of Computers Communication & Control (IJCCC). We would like to thank our authors, reviewers and the entire team for all their dedication, originality and hard work.

Elsevier: What gap do you think your journal fills in your respective field of research?

Editor-in-Chief Ioan Dzitac:

IJCCC has been focused from the very beginning on promoting research that integrates the „3Cs” – Computing, Communication and Control as to N. Wiener’s theory in order to try and differentiate ourselves from the other journals indexed in the same category by Scopus.

Elsevier: If you could pick 5 articles of great importance for your field of research that have been published in your journal which would those be and why?

Editor-in-Chief Ioan Dzitac:

I have decided to choose 5 of the most cited articles according to international databases such as Scopus and SCI Expanded:

  1. Spiking neural P systems with anti-spikes, by Pan, L., Pǎun, G., 2009.
  2. Tissue P systems with cell division, by Pǎun, G., Pérez-Jiménez, M.J., Riscos-Núñez, A., 2008.
  3. Computing Nash equilibria by means of evolutionary computation, by Lung, R.I., Dumitrescu, D., 2008.
  4. Lorenz system stabilization using fuzzy controllers, by Precup, Radu-Emil; Tomescu, Marius L.; Preitl, Stefan, 2007.
  5. Neuro-fuzzy based approach for inverse kinematics solution of industrial robot manipulators, by Alavandar, S., Nigam, M.J., 2008.

Elsevier: For you, as Editor-in-chief, what is the most important development objective for 2016?

Editor-in-Chief Ioan Dzitac:

Reinforcing the intellectual current we have created through publishing high quality articles that bring new ideas and multidisciplinary approaches.

Elsevier: Why did you choose to publish your journal Open Access?

Editor-in-Chief Ioan Dzitac:  

We have never followed financial gain as our main goal has been to publish high quality articles with a real effect on the evolution of society.

Elsevier: What do you think makes your journal stand out?

Editor-in-Chief Ioan Dzitac:

First of all it stands out through the approach of the subject by integrating the 3Cs. On top of this I would add the geographical distribution of the authors that come from over 45 countries and are affiliated to more than 150 universities. The prestige of the editorial board that included researchers from 14 countries

The editorial team is another strong point as it includes researchers affiliated to high ranked universities from top 100 QS (1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 17. Cornell University, 24. McGill University, 25. Tsinghua University, 26. University of California Berkeley, Berkeley (UCB), 56. Tokyo Institute of Technology, 70. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 80. University of Sheffield, 89. Purdue University, 96. University of Alberta). Finally I would like to point out our association with the International Conference on Computers Communications and Control.


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