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Special Sessions of ICCCC2018

Special Session 1: Network Optimization and Security

Organizers and Chairs:

Prof. Yezid DONOSO

Prof. Yezid DONOSO, Head of the Information Security Postgraduate and Master Program, Systems and Computing Engineering Department, Universidad de los Andes, Cra. 1 Este No. 19A-40, Phone 57-1-3394949  Ext 1723, Bogotá, Colombia, South America,


Prof. Dominic BUCERZAN

Prof. Dominic Bucerzan, Faculty of Exact Sciences, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,

Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad


Session Scope:
The convergence in communication networks and computing has led the exponential growth of new applications and information systems. Nowadays, users and applications generate and request more data demanding efficient and secure management. New algorithms are needed to manage the network resource allocation improving the network performance, response against failures, congestion and attacks; and to avoid loss of confidentiality, integrity or availability in the network.

Session Topics

T.2.1. Network Optimization: Advanced Network Architecture; Computational complexity and data structures; Distributed Algorithms for control and management in Communication Systems; Energy Efficiency in Wireless Networks; Mobility, Handoff, and Location Management; Network Algorithm analysis; Network Structure, Routing and Resource Management; Networks Survivability against Failures, Congestion and Attacks; Network Planning; Quality of Service / Quality of Experience Optimization; Software Define Network; Scheduling and Network Optimization; Self-Organizing Networks; Reliable Networks; Special Topics in Network Optimization.

T.2.2. Security: Intrusion; Detection and Prevention Systems; Network Authentication and Key Management; Network Reliability; Privacy and Anonymity; Secure Networking; Secure Network Protocols; Security for Cloud Networking; Security for Internet Applications; Security for Wireless Sensor networks; Security for Smart Grids; Security for Vehicular Networks; Security for Critical Infrastructures; Special Topics in Security.


Special Session 2: Advances in Fuzzy Systems

Organizer and Chair: Prof.  Barnabas BEDE

Department Chair, Mathematics,

DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond,

Washington, USA



Special Session 3: Brain-inspired Nano-architectures

Organizer and Chair: Prof. Valeriu BEIU

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,

Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Romania



Special Session 4:  Affective Computing

Organizer and Chair: Acad. Arturas KAKLAUSKAS

Chairman of the Department of Construction Economics and Property Management

Director of the Research Institute of Smart Building Technologies

Member of the Lithuanian Academy of Science

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University,


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