ICCCC 2014 Accepted Papers

Reza Shokri. Management Quality of Experience in Mobile Multimedia Cloud Computing
Claudiu Raul Costea, Helga Maria Silaghi, Doina Zmaranda and Marius Alexandru Silaghi. Control of Feed Flow Rate with Fuzzy Logic for a Cement Mill
Andrei Tugui. GLM Analysis for fMRI using Connex Array
Astrid Oddershede, Felisa Cordova and Francisco Watkins. Decision Model for Assessing Healthcare ICT Support Implications: User Perception
Dominic Bucerzan and Crina Anina Ratiu. Binding Android Steganography by Windows Steganography
C Sivapragasam, Nitin Muttil, Catherin Jeselia and S Visweshwaran. INFILLING OF RAINFALL INFORMATION USING GENETIC PROGRAMMING
María Del Mar Alemany-Díaz, Ángel Ortiz-Bas, Andrés Boza-García and Vicente S. Fuertes-Miquel. A Model-Driven DSS for Managing the Shortage Planning of Ceramic Companies
Yezid Donoso, Carlos Lozano-Garzon, Miguel Camelo and Pere Vila. A Multihoming Load Balancing Algorithm for a Fairness Resource Allocation in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Yezid Donoso and Ferney Maldonado-Lopez. Auditing Multi-domain Policies in Programmable Networks
Sanda Dale, Helga Silaghi, Doina Zmaranda and Ulrich Rohde. Procedural Aspects Concerning Intelligent Design Environment for Real-Time Applications
Felisa Cordova, Fernando Cifuentes and Astrid Oddershede. A Dynamic Assignment Simulation Model Using Petri Nets Applied to a Public Penal Defensory.
Francisco Watkins, Astrid Oddershede and Felisa Cordova. Structuring a Mesh Wireless Network for Rural Zones
Eniko Tolea. A new approach for the learning process
Carlos Velasquez-Villada, Fernando Solano and Yezid Donoso. Opportunistic Forwarding Algorithm for Delay Tolerant Networks in Rural Applications
Andres Boza, Maria Del Mar Eva Alemany, Eduardo Vicens and Llanos Cuenca. Event Management in Decision-Making processes with Decision Support Systems
Ian Hughes, Ginno Millan, Claudio Cubillos and Gaston Lefranc. Colony of Robots Based on Multi-Agent System for Closed Three-Dimensional Enviroments Exploration
Ginno Millan and Gaston Lefranc. Application of the Analysis of Self-similar Teletra
Dorota Kuchta and Dariusz Skorupka. Choice of Countermeasures in Project Risk Management
Astrid Oddershede, Felisa Cordova, Rolando Carrasco and Francisco Watkins. Decision Model for Assessing Healthcare ICT Support
Zobia Rehman and Stefania Kifor. A conceptual Architecture of Ontology Based Knowledge Management System of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
Ivan Derpich, Juan Sepulveda and Victor Olivares. Optimization of Energy Consumption in WSN by Using a Facility Location Model
Juan Sepulveda and Ivan Derpich. Multicriteria Supplier Classification for Decision Support Systems: Comparative Analysis of Two Methods
Yezid Donoso, German Montoya and Fernando Solano. An Energy Efficient and Predictive Routing Algorithm using a Double Kalman Filter for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Ciprian Paduraru. An online load balancing algorithm for a hierarchical ring topology
Elias D. Nino Ruiz and Stella Miranda. PARMODS: A Parallel Framework For MODS Metaheuristics
Lucia Rusu, Bogdan Cramariuc, Dan Benta and Marinela Mailat. Implementing BPMN 2.0 scenarios for AAL@Home Solution
Alin Mihăilă, Dan Benta and Lucia Rusu. A Dynamic e-collaborative Framework for Automated Testing and Reporting in EU Projects
Fuad Aleskerov. Choice Procedures in Big Data Analysis
Cheolheui Han, Sang Jin Ma and Myung Jin Chung. Numerical Simulation on the Three-Dimensional Unsteady Compressible Flow Characteristics inside a High-Speed Solenoid Valve
Astrid Oddershede, Felisa Cordova, Rolando Carrasco and Francisco Watkins. Decision Model for Assessing Healthcare ICT Support
Francisco Watkins, Astrid Oddershede and Felisa Cordova. Structuring a Mesh wireless network
Raman Singh, Harish Kumar and R.K. Singla. Synthetic Network Traffic Dataset Generation for behavioral Profiling
Luminita Duta, Florin Gh. Filip and Constantin B. Zamfirescu. Mathematical Decision Model for Reverse Supply Chains Inventory
Myungjin Chung. Control System of Auto Moving Vehicle using for Artificial Turf Ground Performance Test
Mj.Abinash Mj.Abinash and Dr.V.Vasudevan Dr.V.Vasudevan. On Access Control For The Online Social Networks
S.H. Karamchandani, Krutarth Gandhi, Siddharth Gosalia, Vinod. K. Madan and Shabbir Merchant. PCA encrypted short acoustic data inculcated in Digital Images
Emilia Ciupan, Florin Lungu and Cornel Ciupan. A method for training a neural network with a small number of examples used for robot control
Emilia Ciupan, Florin Lungu and Cornel Ciupan. Neural Model Used to Predict the Cost of Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Process
Fuad Aleskerov, Ekaterina Kalugina and Sergey Shvydun. A mathematical model of an effective personnel selection in network structures
Mark Beregovsky, Ekaterina Kalugina, Inna Lola and Sergey Shvydun. A computer system for an effective personnel selection
Duraiyarasan S, Madan V.K and Pallikonda Rajasekaran. Silence Removal Algorithms for Speech Signals
Oscar C. Vásquez, Luis Osorio-Valenzuela and Juan M. Sepúlveda. Machine minimization for scheduling jobs with interval constraints and limited machine workload capacity: A resolution method based on evolutionary game-theoretical model
Răzvan-Daniel Albu, Ioan Dzițac, Popentiu Florin and Iuliana Maria Naghiu. Input Projection Algorithms in Web Services QoS Prediction and Optimization
Pascale Zaraté. Tools for Collaborative Decision Making
Changsheng Lin and Gang Kou. Minimum mean square error estimators for the exponential SSALT model
Daji Ergu, Yi Peng and Gang Kou. Simulation of induced bias matrix model for consistency test
Guangxu Li and Yi Peng. Dynamic comprehensive evaluation method with twice-aggregation
Dragana Makajic-Nikolic, Sladjan Babarogic, Danica Lecic-Cvetkovic and Nikola Atanasov. An Algorithm for Production Planning Based on Supply Chain KPIs
Alexey Myachin. New high-precision efficient models of pattern analysis
Lehel Csokmai, Radu Țarcă, Constantin Bungău and Géza Husi. A Comprehensive Approach to Offline Advanced Error Troubleshooting in Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
Marius Baban, Calin Florin Baban, Constantin Bungau, George Dragomir and Rares Mihai Pancu. Using fuzzy logic for the estimation of the technical state of automotive disc brakes
Ralf D. Fabian, Cristina I. Cismaş-Brumar, Adriana Manolescu and Gabriela Bologa. “Eco-Horizon 2020”: Multifunctional Scenario Interface for Biologists
Ana Pajic, Ognjen Pantelic and Bogdana Stanojevic. Representing IT Performance Management as metamodel
Ioan Dumitrache. From Computer Controlled Processes to Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems
Yong Shi. Big Data, Big Data Mining and Data Science
Antonio Di Nola. Fuzzy Logic as Logic